We love what we do & we do what we love.

Think. Create. Design. Build. We believe that the personal relationships we form with clients lets us understand their aspirations, needs, and desires. Knowing who they are allows us to create dynamic spaces that are reflective of each individual client. Our designs are grounded in the belief that you should distinguish yourself.

Rockstarchitecture‚ĄĘ (A trademark owned and operated by Studio 137, Inc) is a full-service creative office founded in 2007 by partners L. Dylan Maxey Gould, Javier A. Carcamo, and associate Gianni Intili, R.A. Our wide range of experience includes residential, retail, restaurant, commercial, hospitality and branding as well as temporary art installations and event design. We pride ourselves in our adaptability and flexibility to be able to provide our clients with design excellence across a wide-array of project typologies. Our belief is that design is meant to be a dialogue between designer and client that fosters a relationship from which we devise and nurture an ethos for each and every project. We strive to create unique, interesting, dynamic spaces that are authentic and reflective of each and every client.

Our vision is for a brand of design that allows us to deliver integrated design services - from interiors to branding, art installations to products - all unified by a single conceptual narrative. Our approach and versatility across a wide spectrum of creative fields allows us to establish connectivity and synergy in our projects, ensuring the soul of each and every project is reflective and authentic to each and every client.
We hope to inspire our clients as well as be inspired by them. Nothing is by rote or done without our full, professional attention. We look forward to developing a relationship, nurturing an idea, and understanding who you are, what you want, and developing a project that is reflective of your personality - a project that will allow you to distinguish yourself.


L. Dylan Maxey Gould

Creative Director

Javier A. Carcamo

Project Director